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>> minimum mcconnell said let the president raise it and congress will figure out spending cuts in exchange. we will see if that goes anywhere. "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. >> good morning. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. the scandal deepens for rupert murdoch and his media empire rocked by shame. today, talk of new investigations from washington to london. we are keeping a close eye on wall street and who could be good news for your investments. stocks appear ready to rebound from nagy worries. ♪ ♪ i'm a rocket man >> the space shuttle "atlantis" awaken to elton john, first singing and then delivering a message of personal thanks. rupert murdoch built a media empire on the power of selling a scandal but now it's his mighty news corporation that is under siege from london to washington.
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a prominent u.s. senator jay rockefeller wants to know if u.s. citizens fell victim to sleazy or illegal news gathering so he is calling for an investigation amid reports that victims of the 9/11 attacks are among the nearly 4,000 people who had their phones hacked. the outrage is crushing. over the past week, the media giant has lost nearly $7 billion in market value. and the political damage is mounting. today, britain's prime minister meets with the family of a murdered little girl after a murdoch newspaper allegedly hacked her cell phone to gain an edge on that story. actor hugh grant who is both a vocal critic of murdoch and a frequent target of him explains why all of us in the u.s. should even care. >> rupert murdoch does own an enormous amount of your media with fox news and the fox station and 20th century fox pictures and et cetera. and some of your newspapers.
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i think people need to ask themselves, you know, who is this man who owns such a large part of our media and i think, you know, when you hear some of new allegations about who the "news of the world" was phone hacking and may include, i stress it's allegations at this stage, some of the 9/11 victims, while i don't know, that may strike a chord with americans. >> the heartless details of the milly dowler case is worth receipt be. murdoch news organizations is accused of hacking her cell phone. the tabloid then reportedly deleted messages so her mailbox could keep providing new material to print for six grueling months, the mailbox activity gave her family false hope that she was still alive. >> after this statement, i will be meeting the family of milly dowler. none of us can imagine what they have gone through, but i do know this, they, like everyone else in this country, want their
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politicians, all of us, to bring this ugly chapter to a close and insure that nothing like it can ever happen again. >> dan rivers is in london. dan, tell us of today's meeting. >> reporter: well, it's the last of a series of meetings that the dowler family have had. they have already met the deputy prime minister and today meet the prime minister david cameron and i'm sure outline the same points that the media basically, and particularly the tabloid media, specifically the "news of the world" are completely out of control, according to this family who have been subjected to the most horrendous amount of extra suffering and pain on top of the terrible times they have already been through because of journalists hacking into the voice mail of their murdered 13-year-old daughter. and it was this story really that caused this whole phone hacking story to explode here in the uk. there was such a massive
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backlash of public opinion against "the news of the world." since then, the allegations have gotten worse and worse for the company that owns this newspaper. suggestions now that victims of 9/11 may also have been targeted, something that senator jay rockefeller has brought up as well. so this is a story that is growing, that is now transatlantic in nature and one that is changing the kind of political landscape here massively as well because in the past, all politicians here were clamoring to be as close to rupert murdoch as. . now the very opposite seems to be the case. >> we are watching it closely, dan. at home, millions of americans may have new reason to worry about the national debt and the looming deadline. president obama says if the debt ceiling is not raised in time, your social security check may be put on hold. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue,
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because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> this morning, we are getting word a new possible compromise that would assure the deadline is met. reshoeing or a jaded ploy driven by politics? dan lothian is at the white house. >> reporter: this is a proposal put out there by mitch mcconnell. not clear whether this is a viable option but nonetheless what it would do is give president obama the power to raise the debt ceiling in three increments all the way through the 2012 elections. now already senator mcconnell receiving some heat from his own party. conservatives saying this is essentially caving to pressure from democrats. the white house, in response to this proposal, put out a statement from jay carney saying, in part, quote, senator mcconnell's proposal reaffirmed what leaders of both parties have stated clearly that
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defaulting on america's past due bills is not an option and time for our leaders to find common ground and reduce our deficit in a way that will strengthen our economy. no doubt this will get more scrutiny as lawmakers some here for their fourth meeting in a row this week at the white house. still both sides far apart and growing pressure from the business community, business organizations, including the u.s. chamber of commerce sending a letter to not only the president but lawmakers urging them to find some kind of bipartisan agreement to put aside their differences and do what is best for the country. >> dan lothian, thanks. while the government may not be able to pay its bills, president obama has sure raised a lot of 2012 campaign cash. our senior political editor mark pressson joins us. looks like the numbers exceeded expectations? >> they exceeded expectations by about 26 million dollars. look at these mind blowing numbers right now. president obama in 90 days was able to raise $86 million for
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more than 550,000 contributors. the average donation, kyra, was $69. why that's important is because it is well below the legal limit and these contributors continue to give to obama over the next year and a half as he is running for re-election. by comparison, if you take all of the presidential candidates and looped them together come up with a number, right now, it's about $35 million. so $86 million to $35 million clearly president obama has a huge cash advantage for 2012. >> meanwhile, the republican national committee targeting president obama in four states today, right? >> yeah, they are. this just goes to show you the republican national committee is trying to make president obama own the economy. they are going to be running a 30-second ad in pennsylvania, in michigan and wisconsin and in new hampshire. now, this ad is critical of president obama on the issue of the economy, specifically on jobs, on foreclosures on
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anything to do with the economy right now, they are saying the numbers have increased. not a lot of money that has been put behind this 30-second tv ad but goes to show you the republican national committee right now and republicans in general are really trying to tie the economy around barack obama's ankle as we head into 2012. kyra? >> mark preston, thanks so much. your next political update in an hour. go to our website 24/7 cnn/ yesterday, first ladies past and present honored betty ford at a funeral in california. now mrs. ford's body will be flown to grapnd rapids, michiga. she will be buried next to her husband at the gerald ford museum. america's interest in women's soccer has not been so high than today. the u.s. women's team faces france later day in semifinal play and cnn international anchor zain verjee, an athlete
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herself, joins us from london to talk about how incredibly cool this is! >> reporter: it is a huge moment for u.s. women's soccer. can they beat back france today? that is the big question. you know what? so many people around the world, as well as people watching them in germany, are actually rooting and cheering for the u.s. they are the favorites to win the world cup. i mean, they just had an incredible performance. you know? here you see them practicing. they had this incredible match against brazil and in the last minute, they scored a goal and then ended up winning on penalty shoot-outs. everyone is still buzzing about how i credible it was. so the question is can they pull it off today? and what many people are saying is that they have got the fitness, they have got the never say die attitude and they hope that they can manage it today. you know, they are very fit and the french have to work their
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da derrieres off today. >> i think they all will be working their derrieres off. what do you think? you've been watching this closely. >> you've got germany out. that was a huge team and the favorites to win the competition in germany. they got booted out. the brazilians, a good team, they are out. now you have japan and sweden is who the u.s. would face were they to win. so i think they have a pretty good chance. a lot of people are saying that the u.s. women's soccer team is really up their game and this team has the magic. they have something special and they can make it happen and it could be 1999 again. you may be partying like it's 1999 again, kyra. >> we will see more than just one soccer playing ripping off all of their jersey. it was a moment, for sure. >> right. i remember. >> zain, thanks. he may have been on the run but agents say he was not traveling light. guns, cash, we have got the photos that boston mobster james
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"whitey" bulger probably doesn't want anyone to see. ahead, we will hear from one of the jurors who sat on the casey anthony murder trial. if you thought the verdict was tough, imagine the hate mail and the nasty looks she's getting!
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checking stories across the country. taking a look at the stash recovered in whitey bulger california apartment. the feds say they found 30 weapons including handguns and automatic rifle and even grenade and some hidden in the ball wall and then the cash. more than $800,000, mostly in
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hundreds. in california, police arrest rodney king for suspicion of driving under the influence. remember him? brutally beaten by officers during a traffic stop in '91. you may that case sparked the infamous l.a. riots a year later. a college cheerleader used a tumbling move after falling four stories off a building and may have saved his life. he did a backflip and landed on his feet and suffered a broken pelvis. when casey.gets out of prison and the jurors who found -- okay. where are we going? okay! we're going to the tease. if you like netflix you will not like this. big changes ahead and will cost you a lot of money. a hollywood actress says yes to an online invite from a marine in afghanistan to go on a blind date. we got all of the details!
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of prison on sunday she will walk into a lawsuit. texas search group is suing her for the money it spent looking for her missing daughter caylee. it wants $115,000, plus interest. the group says anthony allowed the search to continue for months even though she knew that caylee was dead. the jurors who found casey anthony not guilty have run into their own problems. nasty looks on the street and hate mail and you name it. >> i've seen things on facebook probably from the. you're ignorant and should be ashamed of yourself, you let a murderer go free, et cetera, et cetera. you know? things like that. i just -- i don't want to read it. our gary tuchman had a
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chance to talk with juror number 3 and he joins us live from orlando. she told you she agonized over this verdict, right, gary? >> reporter: no question about it, kyra. i thought one of the most fascinating things that jennifer ford told me we all remember defense attorneys after the verdict was reached celebrating in the bar and having champagne, you know? one of the defense attorneys giving the media the finger for taking camera shots inside. what is really interesting, she tells us they believe that much of what they heard from those defense attorneys in opening statements were a bunch of lies. the main things they said. the defense attorneys say that caylee anthony drowned and that casey anthony was molested by her father and, therefore, this family kept all kinds of secrets. they didn't believe a word of that. nevertheless what jennifer told me was because the prosecution didn't present enough evidence, therefore, there was reasonable doubt and they could not find her guilty but had he were deeply suspicious of casey anthony. this juror told me the vote was
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6-6 to convict for manslaughter and she was, at one time, one of the six who wanted to find her guilty of manslaughter. >> i wanted to investigate it further to see if it fit based on the evidence that we were given. >> reporter: what convinced you and the five others to switch your votes and vote for not guilty? >> i think everyone will tell you the same thing, it's just lack of hard evidence. it's, like i said the duct tape and the chloroform and things like that you could -- if you took a hard -- a good, hard look at it, you could find of -- there was a lot of doubt surrounding all of those certain things, so there's not enough to make anything stick. >> reporter: so you don't necessarily think she is innocent, but you feel you didn't have enough proof to find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt? >> right. i don't know either way. >> reporter: a couple of things we don't know is a lot of heating arguing in the jury room. they respected each other, these jurors, but there was a lot of arguing about these counts. secondly, we heard a lot about
9:20 am
how they came very dressed up to their last day of the trial. the assumption they knew a verdict would be coming. jennifer ford said not the truth and had no idea a verdict would come that day. coincidence they were dressed up that day. it took them hours to know they were units and h were unanimous and had a verdict. >> how has this changed her life, gary? >> reporter: she's in a lot of emotional pain. we spent hours talking before we went on camera because she was afraid this would make things worse for her and i couldn't guarantee it wouldn't but i told her we would tell the human side of the story because no matter how we feel about the verdict and i suspect most of our viewers, as most americans, don't feel it was the right verdict, nevertheless we can't attack the jurors. if we attack the jurors, who will serve on a jury? something we have to keep in mind. one other thing i want to mention, i usually don't talk like this but i want to tell you i haven't had a chance to talk
9:21 am
to you since you've been back so i want to welcome you back and ask you how the babies are doing. >> because you're always on assignment. you haven't met them yet but i can't wait. thanks, gary. who is afraid of kelly osborne shp he is tweeted she single handedly stopped two boys from stealing a car in the streets of london. all she said was "oy" and they ran off. an hour later she tweeted she stopped two boys from lacrosse sticks from turning over a car. ted danson is replacing laurence fishburne as a new leader of the team. he made the casting announcement. he makes his debut on wednesday, september 21st, on cbs. arnold schwarzenegger who great a scandal by fathering a child with his housekeeper is going to play a small town
9:22 am
sheriff in his acting return. how about the actress decided to serve her country? after a friendly pressure, shall we say, she said yes to an online invitation from a u.s. marine in afghanistan. cnn international anchor zain verjee is live with all of the scoop. tell us about this video that has gone viral. >> reporter: well, mila kunis, the hollywood star, has decided to serve her country and she decided to do that by going on a date. well, what happened, kyra, u.s. marine in afghanistan uploaded a video on youtube and he basically said please come with me to a marine corps ball in greenville, north carolina, just listen to what he said. and how he put his proposal. >> he has, mila, sergeant horn but you can call me scott. i want to take a moment out of my day to invite to you the marine corps ball on november 1th, to greenville, north
9:23 am
carolina, with yours true. ly take a second and think about it and get take me. all right. bye now. >> how cute is sthat? sergeant scott moore there in afghanistan. you know what? i bet you he is really surprised to know the answer was actually yes. she was doing an interview with justin timberlake for their movie and he said do it. she said, all right, i'll do it. that piece of video has 800,000 hits. he was really cute in it. i would have said yes. you, kyra? >> i can't say yes. i'm not single. but if i were single, heck, yeah! i'd give the guy a date! he was very sharming and creative and it takes a lot of confidence to do that, zain. >> yeah. tougher than fighting the enemy sometimes, you know? >> exactly. we will see how it goes and follow up. thanks. netflix known for renting dvds by mail is raising prices
9:24 am
and the price hike is pretty significant. alison kosik, are we still going to be able to buy these movies for a semigood price? >> reporter: depends on your situation. get ready to pay up to 60% more. this is only for some of the members who use netflix. take a look. before this price change, it was $9.99 for one dvd a month by mail and internet streaming. now both services are going to cost $15.98. that equals 60% increase. why is this happening? because you have to buy everything all la carte. you want a dvd by mail you have on pay another $7.99 for that plan. of course, you can downgrade and get one service and cut your sofs. the new pricing starts now. if you're a current customer, all of these price changes, they kick in on september 1st.
9:25 am
>> so why the increase? but, you know, netflix it risks losing a lot of customers over this, right? >> reporter: oh, sure. netflix is blaming higher costs. the fact is streaming is growing more and more popular. think about it. internet connections are getting faster and faster and you can watch videos on any number of mobile devices but it's expensive for netflix to do this because it has to pay to get streaming rights for the movies and countries hundreds of millions of dollars and netflix has to make up the money somewhere. >> alison, while i have you here, business news. i'm getting word in my ear, sky news reporting now. we have been talking about rupert murdoch and the hits financially his company is taking since this scandal has come forward. sky news now reporting that news corporation has dropped its bid to b sky b. we will have more details on that coming up. letting alison kosik know too.
9:26 am
she can check the details that have for us. this is one more hit, alison, right, for the media mogul? >> reporter: it really is. you think about what the past, just the past week has been for us news corp. watching its stock prices class a and class b shares. they have plunged over the past week and now this could be just yet another blow to the stock today. the markets open in about four minutes. we will see how news corp shares do. >> got it. alison, thanks for playing. skies news reporting news corp dropping bid for be sky be and we will follow that throughout the hour. could be another instance of the cover-up worse than the alleged crime. roger clemens instead of baseball's hall of fame he could end up in the federal prison. live analysis as clemens' perjury trial gets under way today.
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major repercussions for phone hacking scandal. british prime minister david cameron announced a broad public inquire into media ethics. debt talks at the white house scheduled to resume this afternoon. negotiations still stalled over whether there will be any tax increases to reduce the deficit. wall street just about to open for the day. stocks expected to rise. actually it just opened. thank you, scotty. concerns, of course, over a global slowdown are easing for now. that is the good news. happening right now, drilling down on america's airport insecurity. live images from capitol hill as a house subcommittee takes up a homeland security report that says more than 25,000 security breaches have occurred at u.s. airports since november 2001. i want to talk about this in detail with a former inspector general of the department of transportation, mary scott who is live in charleston, south carolina. so, you know, mary, the tsa is
9:31 am
cutting us a break here. talking about 1% and possibly even less of the billions of people that fly every day. >> well, they are right about that. there are about 1.5 million people every day at 500 airports so that is about seven incidents a day. they are right in that it is much better than it was before when the airlines were doing security. we had hundreds per day, if not thousands. no one was even really keeping track and they probably missed from 30 to 100% of the test items that the fa even took through the airport. it's better than it was. but it's still troubling because we are spending a lot more on security and in that number, there an alarming number. 2,600 incidents in ten years where people got into security without being properly screened. that is the bad number. >> it's fair to say we haven't seen another 9/11 so we are doing something right. >> absolutely. we are doing a far better job of
9:32 am
deterrence and capturing people and doing a better job at finding things at the checkpoints. the tsa is able to find weapons, bombs, knives, et cetera. the encouraging news in this is that they have told congress and told the general accounting office that they are going to try to improve their explosive detection equipment. this was virtually nonexistent. we have a lot more now than on noiven. the terrorists activity' forgotten about that tactic. >> mary, thanks. another sports hero accused of gaining greatness from juicing. roger clemens under trial today. clemens is accuseded of lying to members of congress about alleged use of steroids. legal analyst sunny hostin is joining me live from new york. the interesting thing here, we were talking about this morning. ten women and two men on the jury and none of them are big
9:33 am
baseball fans. >> that's right. that's a plus says the defense team here because i think many people feel that roger clemens is just such a star in their eyes that it's not possible that a jury in d.c. would convict him of anything so beloved. well, this jury, as you mentioned, female dominated, they don't know much about baseball. and, in fact, one of the jurors, a female juror said, i don't know much about sports at all. and in response, the defense attorney said that's a plus in this case. >> his trainer says that he juiced him. clemens still says no way. where can this really go when it's just a he said/he said? >> well, basically, this is a perjury trial and so they need to determine whether or not roger clemens lied to congress in 2008 when he denied ever using steroids, ever using human growth hormone. so this is basically basically, a he said/he said as you mentioned but it's about credibility. it's a credibility call by this
9:34 am
jury. we know there are going to be many witnesses put forth by this prosecution, including brian mcnanee who was his personal saying saying i did. but andy pettitte, the former yankee, who says roger clemens admitted to him he certainly was taking human growth hormones. while a credibility call by this jury, there will be people who will testify by this prosecution that do say and maintain that he did, in fact, take these drugs. >> sunny, quickly, if convicted, what next? >> well, he's looking at about 30 years in prison, a 1.5 million dollar fine. that's not going to happen if he gets convicted. it's a six-count indictment. under the federal guidelines it's about 15 to 20 months in prison if convicted of all six counts. >> sunny hostin, thanks for weighing in. >> thanks. building anything in afghanistan and pakistan is a
9:35 am
challenge. building orphanage is miraculous. this woman is giving hundreds of orphans a home and hope. you had a chance to interview the lady. how did she get out? >> it's a remarkable story. she is only 20 and she has accomplished more in her 28 years than most of us have. she went to extreme poverty and sought terrible things in refugee camps in iran and pakistan and at a young age, she wanted to make sure that children of afghanistan, future of this country will never have to endure what i went through. and i just want to read one thing she told me which is also on her website. she says for me is there a practical remedy for the ignorance oppression and hate rid and poverty so deeply embedded in society. raise a new generation of new boys and girls. >> a new generation. with this philosophy, these kids
9:36 am
in poverty, they turn to extremism. they end up being the people that want to kill us and she knows that. that is why she wants to do this even more. >> it's interesting question. because i asked her that. i said how do you make sure when children have experienced so much tragedy, so much poverty, how do you make sure they don't turn into fundamentalism and extremism? she said my number one answer, education and equality. so all of these kids believe they are equal, no one is better, no one is richer, no one is poorer. they are all equal and all treated with the same respect and education, once you're educated, when you school, you knows the difference between right and wrong. >> we have seen it work all across the world. a great piece. you can nominate her for the cnn hero as well if you want to read the whole article about this incredible's wonderful story check out you can nominate her for a cnn
9:37 am
hero. dr. phil is heading to capitol hill and begging senators to help many of his female viewers in trouble. >> look. this is america. you should be able to enjoy a peaceful existence in your life. you shouldn't be in a situation where somebody is beaten on you and intimidating you and terrorizing you. we have got to educate women. the metrodome roof collapse video made headlines months ago. we are going to tell you what is being done to make it rise again. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical... major medical. ...but it helps pay the doctors. pays the doctors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family? ♪ we added aflac, so we get cash! it's like our safety net... ♪ to help with the mortgage or whatever we need! so my family doesn't feel the pain too. ha! [ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!!
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dr. phil testifying before congress. >> show is really driven by our viewers. we deal with the subject matter that they ask us to deal with and we get so many letters about this. look. 2 million women a year are impacted by domestic violence
9:41 am
and 10 million children watch this, they observe it. those kids don't do well. the women don't do well. so we are very passionate about this. look. this is america. you should be able to enjoy a peaceful existence in your life. you shouldn't be in a situation where somebody is beating on you and intimidating you and terrorizing you and we have got to educate women as to where the resources are, what they can don a what the options are in the court system. i've been asked to come here an a content expert to talk about what the needs are and what needs to happen from a psychological perspective with this very important legislation, the violence against women act. >> dr. phil, you know you'll have your critics and they will say to you, doc, with the economy so tight, the president even says that social security checks now may be in jeopardy. how do you make the argument that, hey, this has to be funded? we have got to support this? >> well, i make the argument because i'm so much a proponent
9:42 am
of family. and when you've got families that are being disintegrated and the very fact that we do have economic strife right now, does nothing but increase the stress on these families. and when the stress goes up, financially, there is a trickle down effect then to the family and you see spikes in domestic violence that affects these women and it affects these children. i think if we start putting things ahead of taking care of those that maybe can't take care of themselves, particularly the children caught in these situations, then you've got a real messed up priority system. i think this is something that has to stay on the short list of what we focus on. >> where do you think we fail victims of domestic abuse the most? >> well, i think we fail them by not being able to have an open dialogue about this. look. this is probably the most underreported crime in america and the reason for that is often shame and guilt. the victims feel like they have done something wrong or that they are going to be criticized
9:43 am
if they come forward and talk about this. and i think we have to let these folks know, look. it's okay. we're not going to judge you. we're not going to turn a deaf ear to you. we are here and going to help you. that's where this legislation is so important it gets reauthorized because it provides counseling and transitional housing and provides so many of the resources that women need if caught in this situation. >> suns you're in the capitol's rotunda, let's talk the debt ceiling and put a clinician's eye on this if you will. you bring people together all the time to get real on your show working with dysfunctional family. there is no more dysfunctional family than congress. we are stalled right now on these debt talks. how would you get in the middle of this and negotiate or convince them to negotiate a deal? >> well, look. here is the thing. this is not a time for partisan politics at all. this is a time that we need to understand these people are working for us.
9:44 am
these are the people that we hired and we brought here to do this job and they need to do it. and if they can't come together about this because of party politics, then i've got a real problem with that. i do. i think we need to put the party politics aside and we need to say what is best for the american people? what can we do to serve the most people the best. and i hope that's what is going to happen in the final analysis that both sides will step up and say we need to remember who we're working for here. >> you know, you sound like a politician right now. are you thinking about running for office? >> now, that's the rudest thing i've had said to me all morning! take that back, kyra! >> is that an insult? >> that's an insult! are you kidding me? no. i'm just joking. sort of. i don't want to sound like a politician. but i do want to sound like an employer and he really do think that congress works for the american people. they need to do their job. >> coming up next hour, the rest of my interview with dr. phil. see what he thinks about michele
9:45 am
bachmann's husband and their christian counseling center. remember this? the metrodome roof collapse caught on camera? we are going to show you what is being done now to get that roof back to normal. much, much cooler day when that happened. you remember that winter? how long and cold it was? now we're in the heat of the summer. i'm rob marciano in mid-town atlanta. we will be reporting about the scorching heat after the break. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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new developments development now in the scandal over the murdoch media empire.
9:48 am
minutes ago, we learned that his company, news corporation, is withdrawing its bid to take over british satellite broadcaster bskyb. the latest from london we will have near the top of the hour. checking stories across the country. who can forget this? the metrodome roof in minneapolis collapsing under weight of a huge amount of snow last december. well, take a look at it now. after a 22 million dollar repair project the roof was inflated today. students in the uc system will pay nearly 10% in the fall. as for the cal state system, 12% more tuition. girls gone wild are literally sizzling. tour bus, its tour bus had its air-conditioner ripped off from
9:49 am
a low overpass in ohio. the dliver said he couldn't see the low clearance sign in the heavy rain. the weather has seemed to gone wild. stifling heat settling in over the south from texas to virginia today. a dozen states under heat advisories. meteorologist rob marciano is live in atlanta. hey, rob. >> hey, kyra. atlanta is in that mix as well. it's been a long last couple of weeks. seems like everybody across the south and southeast has been enduring some heat of record proportions. places like oklahoma city ven't seen temperatures rise above the 100-degree mark for 18 of the past 20 days. in cities like atlanta, here in mid-town, you know, you get a lot of pollution and the ozone cooking because of the sun and the heat and pollutants and causes bad air quality as well. here are the record highs. stretch from the northeast to the southern
9:50 am
here at piedmont park, people come out here for their morning run. granted, a lot of folks are at work now, but there's maybe two or three people here brave enough to take that jog earlier this morning. they had boot camps out here,
9:51 am
but that was before the sun came up. so stay hydrated. did you do have to work outside, try to do it in the early morning. >> is that where you were, attending that 4:00 a.m. boot camp? >> absolutely. i was right there with the whistle and stopwatch, cracking that whip, baby. >> thank you, rob marciano. there was a lot of swinging on the ball field, no bats, but a lot of punches. dozens of players getting punished for a brawl.
9:52 am
9:53 am
and stories making news later today at the bottom of the next hour.
9:54 am
katherine greg, the longtime girlfriend has another hearing. betty ford prayer funeral in palm desert, california and a prayer service that follows. we're catching brian todd live in washington. brian? >> we're going all out to catch the end of the news of the world in the hacking scandal, but how about rupert murdoch? how are they handling it? >> big mistake or good business move? some grocery stores are doing away with those personal checkout lanes saying they're too personal. coming up. the u.s. women's soccer match happening in france pretty
9:55 am
soon. do they have a chance to win and make it to germany? i'll tell you what the pundits are saying. dr. phil is talking about gay and lesbian clients, that god can make them straight. the chevy cruze eco offers an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon on the highway. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one.
9:56 am
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9:57 am
baseball, all-star game?
9:58 am
one big swing. it's coming down to one big swing zchl swing. >> sometimes that's all it takes especially when the pitchers dominates. the big blast was fit for a swing or at least for a swing. the brewers prince fielder takes to the plate and just rips one. three-run bomb. that helped the rangers build a 5-1 lead. watch padre. sometimes a goofball, running on the field and he did this to make it to the pitcher's mound. i don't know why. just because he can. let's go to the minorminors. the spokane indians, gets a
9:59 am
little clip right there and then things go crazy. some pushes, some punches, both benchs clear. it's a huge brawl. the new york fans didn't like that they were showing so much bad behavior. they sucker punched them at the end of the fight. of 60 players, 51 have been fined. that is a brawl. the u.s. women's soccer team hopes to have some magic left. they take on france in the semis after that dramatic come from behind win over brazil. mac the match starts in about an hour and a half. you know who is watching? ellen degeneres. she tweeted, i can't wait for the american match. i'll be cheering! all of us will after that amazing win over the weekend against brazil. they could end up with sweden again. they lost to sweden earlier in the women's world cup. >> we're watching the women, by the way. this is awesome. there will be more jerseys
10:00 am
flying off. it's like betty chastain. >> this is two huge moments in women's world soccer. hopefully they can build on it with another world championship. >> thanks, jeff. it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. the scandal deepens for rupert murdoch and his media empire brought to shame. we're keeping a close eye on wall street, too. what could be good news for your investments? stocks appear ready to rebound. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis wakens to elton john delivering a personal message of thanks. we begin this hour with the national debt and a new reason for millions of americans to worry. president obama says if the debt ceiling is not raise bid the
10:01 am
august 2nd deadline, your social security check may be put on hold. some republicans say the white house is using scare tactics. the gop top man mitch mcconnell wants them to streamline the process by having president obama raise the debt before the congressional vote. some republicans and some democrats saying that's a copout that only delays the tough decisions. now back to the social security check. dan at the white house. dan, what do you think? how real of a threat is it? >> the white house says it's a real threat. you've heard the treasury department talking about the overall impact on the economy if a deal isn't reached, but also on americans. they said it also wouldn't be social security but also veterans benefits, disability benefits. president obama painted that grim picture during an interview with pbs news yesterday. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if
10:02 am
we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> so what happens if they can't reach that agreement with all that's at stake here? well, you're hearing this latest backup plan being floated by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. it's unclear whether or not this is a real viable option, but nonetheless, it would give president obama the authority to raise that debt ceiling in three different increments before the 2012 election. and as you pointed out earlier, this is something senator mcconnell is catching some heat for from his own party, conservatives saying that he is essentially caving to pressure from democrats. as for the white house, white house spokesman jay kearney put out a statement that said in part, senator mcconnell's proposal reaffirmed what leaders of both parties have stated clearly, that defaulting on america's bills are not an option. it is time for our leaders to find common ground and reduce
10:03 am
our deficit in a way that will strengthen our economy. clearly there is a lot of work to be done as lawmakers come back to the white house this afternoon for the fourth straight day in a row. >> okay, dan. thanks. we're just getting word now, three bombs exploding in the congested area of mumbai. that's india's congressional capitol. they're reporting that at least 15 people were injured there. we're following it now. once again, three bomb blasts in mumbai. at least 15 people reported wounded. we're tracking it for you. rupert murdoch built a media empire on the power of selling a scandal. and today, it's his mighty news corporation that's under siege from london to washington. now a prominent u.s. senator, jay rockefeller, wants to know if u.s. citizens fell victim to sleazy or illegal news gathering
10:04 am
as well. he says the victims of the 9/11 attacks are some of the nearly 4,000 people who had their phone tapped. the media giant has lost nearly $7 billion in market value, and the political damage is mounting. today britain's prime minister meets with the family of a murdered little girl. murdoch's newspaper reportedly hacked her cell phone to gain an edge on that story. one target of the alleged phone hacking, actor hugh grant, and he explains why all of us should care here in the u.s. >> that's an enormous amount of your media with fox news and fox station and 20th century fox pictures, et cetera, and some of your newspapers. and people need to ask themselves, who is this man who owns such a large part of our media? and i think, you know, when you hear some of the new allegations about who the "news of the world" was phone hacking that may include -- just allegations at this stage -- some of the
10:05 am
9/11 victims. i don't know, that may strike a chord with americans. >> the scandal involving murdoch's news corporation has put fox news in a bit of a bind, and the network has apparently gone out of its way to avoid reporting on its parent company's troubles. that may have been painfully obvious on the show "fox news watch." brian todd joins me with more. brian? >> reporter: many questions recently to the extent rupert murdoch's news covered the news. that was a clip called fox media news watch. it was meant for the public but it's during a commercial and not part of the broadcast. panelists are talking about a certain news story. take a listen. >> anybody want to bring up the subject we're not talking about today for the streamers? >> sure. go ahead. >> i'm not going to touch it.
10:06 am
>> with a 10-foot turban. >> now, it may seem obvious that they're talking about the "news of the world" scandal. we confirmed that's what they were talking about. we did a search of fox transcripts to double-check some of this. despite the fact that fox news watch is about the news media, we found no mention of the fox scandal on that program, no mention of "news of the world" at all since 2006. as for the fox channel coverage, fox news stayed mainly silent on prime time on thursday. that's when it broke in murdoch was shutting down "news of the world." we found sefen mentions of the newschannel over the last week, including one reporting piece. we could not get spokespeople for news corporation or fox newschannel to comment on this. we do have to say, though, our colleagues in britain tell us that sky news, one of murdoch's other entities, was not holding back in its coverage and in our
10:07 am
search of the mention on cnn, we should say, turns up 100 of them over the past week, so a fair question could be is cnn maybe overcovering this, keira? >> and i believe wall street journal also owned by murdoch, it made the front page, right? >> it did, and we went on kind of a review of some of his newspaper holdings. that is a mixed bag. as far as his measured u.s. papers are concerned, we looked at it the day after it was announced "news of the world" was shutting down. here's the new york post, one of his major holdings in the united states. big casey anthony page here, but you don't really see "news of the world" mentioned until page 29 here in a short article. that's compared to the "new york times" on friday, a big front-page story on it there, the "washington post" on friday, pretty much the same thing, big front-page story on the right-hand side there. we do have to say, as you mentioned, keira, the wall street journal, to be fair, one of the most distinguished newspapers in the united states.
10:08 am
it does have a front-page story here, major story with extensive coverage on the jump page. also his paper, "the times of london," britain, yesterday and today, has front-page major stories on this scandal both yesterday and today. so two of his major newspapers and his sky news network not shying away from covering this story. >> brian todd. appreciate it. i want to take you now live to the breaking news we told you about moments ago. the three bombs going off in mumbai. monica kapor on the phone with us as we just start to get in these live pictures. monica, bring us up to date. at least 15 people injured, sflit. >> that's right, 15 people have been injured, and these explosions went off at about 7:00, 7:10 p.m. local time, it's now about 7:40 p.m. local time here in mumbai, so about a half
10:09 am
hour ago. there have been three blasts in various parts of the city, two in the south, one up north. and another bizarre area in the upper house, and one thing that's common in all three areas is that they are very extremely crowded, congested areas. it is rush hour in the evening, 7:00 p.m., people on their way home from work. these areas are very, very crowded, and some places the roads are so narrow it's difficult to get cars in. in another area the roads are so narrow, it's just filled with hundreds and hundreds of people in the evening. it's close to a very important railway station. so very, very busy commercial areas, all three of them. one thing i do want to point out, keira, is that they have been very careful not to call these bombs. they're not saying bombs have gone off yet, because what we do know is there have been explosions that have kbagone of but they've been careful not to call them bombs. we do not know what caused these explosions yet.
10:10 am
they are being very careful telling people we don't know if they're bombs yet. they're investigating a meter box to make sure something else didn't take place. one was talking about an explosion near a different box. it's very early, just about half an hour since the explosions went off, and we are waiting to see whether the government will say that they are indeed bombs, or whether for the moment they are just explosions. >> monica, very quickly, it's like we're having flashbacks from 2008 in those terrorist attacks in mumbai killing so many people there. and if you look at the -- i guess, where these explosions have happened, you could only assume, although we have not obviously confirmed it, that this could be a terrorist attack. it's the drive home from work, it's near the railway station, as you mentioned. this is where, obviously, terrorists would know a lot of people are at a certain time.
10:11 am
>> reporter: that's absolutely right. as you said, with the three locations, it doesn't seem to be a coincidence. as you pointed out, it's very early for us to say what caused us, whether it is a terrorist attack. they're being very careful not to even call it a bomb blast at the moment. but yes, when you look at the three spots, the one thing that is common in all three locations is that they are very, very busy, and it is rush hour, and anybody would know that these are the three spots in mumbai at around 7:00 p.m. that would probably be among the three most crowded spots in the entire city. so it could be -- i mean, it could be that somebody has chosen these spots quite carefully for maximum impact. >> all right. we will continue to follow this breaking news story with monica kapor joining us in mumbai. it looks like they're coordinated attacks reminiscent of those ten coordinated attacks back in 2008 that killed more than 160 people. we're following this story for
10:12 am
you to see if, indeed, this was a terrorist attack. more from the cnn newsroom straight ahead. breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel.
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what's your policy? personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. checking stories across country, in california police arrested robbie king under suspicion of driving under the influence. remember, king was beaten by officers during a traffic stop in 1991, a case that sparked the infamous riots a year later. a cheerleader fell four stories off a building. dylan smith did a backflip and landed on his feet. he suffered a broken pelvis. take a look at this stash
10:15 am
that fbi agents said they recovered in an apartment. in all, 30 weapons, an automatic rifle, even a grenade. then there's the cash. more than $800,000, mostly in benjamins stashed away in the wall. that will give you an idea of the power that bulger yields. he's asking for a public defender. he has a brother, once senate leader and full-time lawyer in massachusetts. he has not ruled on his brother's fate. when you hear about this, the guy's got the money. does it matter? >> he doesn't technically have the money anymore because the state has seized it. it's something called active forfeiture under the law. when you find money that you think is due to an illegal
10:16 am
enterprise, you can seize it. the state is saying they're pretty sure he's got money stashed all over the place, but if they can't prove it, keira, and he fills out an affidavit which basically means i'm too poor to hire a lawyer, you guys have to pay for it, and you guys, as the taxpayers, if he swears to it on an affidavit and they can't prove otherwise, guess who is footing the bill? this guy can stash as much money as he wants anywhere, we still -- >> could pay for this guy. >> that's what's going to end up happening. we're going to reward his bad behavior. we're going to give him a prize because he's a good criminal. he has stashed away money, no doubt about it. he was found with over $800,000 cash and 30 guns. this man knows what he's doing. but if we can't prove there is other money besides what the
10:17 am
government seized, yes, the taxpayers will be stuck with that bill, much as it sticks in our craw. >> people are saying, was it a big deal they got this guy, they were old, these crimes happened so long ago? really, was it worth the money to go after him? and then you see these pictures, which are incredible, of all the weapons that were hidden behind the walls, the cash -- i don't know if we can bring these pictures up again. there they are, right there. grenades, guns -- >> yes. and what we really have to refocus on, and we sometimes lose sight of this, there are 19 alleged murders, so what we're talking about is 19 families who have been waiting all these years for justice. this man has been on the run for 16 years. he has alluded authorities, so if we were to sit down with any one of those family members and say, was it worth it, we know what they're going to say. of course it was, we want justice. we want our day in court. this man murdered our loved one,
10:18 am
our father, our mother, our sister. >> i bet you'd like to be on this case. >> oh, understatement of the year, keira phillips. i would love to have a crack at this fellow. >> thank you, holly. right after the scandal, he said he was putting his movie making plans on hold, but arnold schwarzenegger changed his mind. he's back! but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. [ engine idling ] [ male announcer ] talking a big game about your engine is one thing. having the proven history that can back it up is a whole nother story.
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10:21 am
some showbiz headlines for you. who is afraid of kelly osbourne? apparently some would-be thieves. she tweeted that she single-h d single-handedly stopped some teenage boys from stealing a car in london. all she said was, "boys." ted dan dson replacing lawrence fishburn on "the team." arnold schwarzenegger returning to the big screen with "the last stand." the former california governor who created quite a scandal by
10:22 am
fathering a son with his housekeeper plays a big-time sheriff. one major chain grocery store is getting rid of its self-help checkouts in favor of human cashiers. can i just tell you, this created quite a debate in our morning meeting. some people saying those things don't work well, they take longer than regular lines, and some people saying, are you kidding? we get right through them. >> i bet you wanted the customer service side of it, right? >> it works faster for me, allison. i'm the oddball. >> then maybe you'll want to shop at albertson's, because albertson's is going back to the future. they're phasing out human checkout. it's got 200 locations across eight states, but albertson's stores that are owned by super
10:23 am
valu are keeping the personal checkouts. so they're saying the self-checkout not providing enough personal service, keira. >> not always good for business, you think? >> they may not be, because many customers like you prefer the old-fashioned way. it may also cut down on theft as well, but this could be about being different. most stores have self-checkout. albertson's wants to make a name for itself by offering all that human interaction. hey, allied bank does it saying you can get a human on the phone every time. that sounds like a great deal for me. gosh, i hate getting on those endless phones you have to keep pressing those numbers on those banks. love that customer service at banks, not so much with grocery stores, keira. >> all right, it looks like stocks are bouncing back? >> they are bouncing back. up 142 points on the dow.
10:24 am
ben bernanke has more good news, he says the fed could starve the economy, that it may go up, and they will keep an eye on it as well. taking more than the entire 2012 gop fields take combined. how much is that going to matter in the election? our political buzz panel weighs in. coming up, my chat with dr. phil. it sounds like maybe he would like to have a congress on his couch? >> we need to understand, these people are working for us. these are the people that we hired and we brought here to do this job, and they need to do it.
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
more on that breaking news out of mumbai. we're being told at least 15 people have been hurt after a trio of explosions are heard -- have been heard, rather, in mumbai. our sister network, cnn sister network, cnn ibn reporting this. as of now, no claims of responsibility, but definitely reminiscent of 2008 where we saw a series of coordinated attacks that killed more than 160 people, injured hundreds more. it looks like what we're hearing here, jane, and add to the information we're getting, it looks like three of these explosions, they were coordinated as well, all in areas where there is a lot of people at a certain time. >> yes. these are really heavily
10:28 am
populated areas. this has gone off during rush hour. mumbai has a history of terrorist attacks. you mentioned november 2008 where gunmen were coordinating an attack, terrorizing the city of mumbai in a three-day siege of two hotels, a jewish center, an attack of a popular cafe called leopold's as well as a train station there. in 2006 there was also a series of attacks on local train stations, two in mumbai. just remember a lot of the violence in different parts of india historically has been linked to religious violence also. kashamiri separatists have attacked india. they claim it and pakistan lays claim to it, so some of the violence stems from that. it's unclear if this is about that, but it does have a history with that. back in 2001, they were also
10:29 am
attacked. there is a lot of questions about the security of mumbai. it's on a harbor, so it's easy for people to come in on boats. security is a big question, whether they even coordinate information correctly. so this is something we theedne keep our eye on is we're still waiting for information. >> malakai, what are you able to confirm for us at this time? >> reporter: they are saying there have been 15 people injured. another local channel is reporting that sources say eight people have been killed, but we have not been able to confirm that information independently. and throughout mumbai, there is a sense of fear now gripping everyone in mumbai. a lot of people still in offices have been told to stay indoors, not to venture out on the stroets. those on the streets are
10:30 am
frantically trying to get home, they're trying to reach each other to see if friends and family are okay, but that is turning out to be a nightmare because a lot of the phones and cell phones are jammed. it's becoming very difficult for people to reach out to one another. three serial blasts that have taken place in mumbai in three different locations. the one thing common in all three locations are they are all very, very crowded locations and all the more crowded because it was peak hour when the blasts went off. keira? >> all right, mallika kapur, we appreciate you following this story for us. three explosions once again in mumbai and we will stay on top of all the latest reports. all right, time for political buzz, look at the hottest political topics of the day. three questions, 20 seconds on the clock. political talk show host and
10:31 am
comedian pete dominic, david loshe also joining us. the christian counseling center that michelle bachman owns with her husband, under scrutiny after they told a gay man that god would perform a miracle and he can no longer be gay. is this a political problem for her now? >> it is, because you have pictures showing her forging ahead at the top of the field in iowa. and this is after the marriage vow incident. it kind of makes her come off as a flake, and most of america don't like flakes. she is becoming their front runner. >> dana? >> yeah, exactly. i'm trying to understand the drama here. so we have an individual who actively seeks out a clinic, and in his own admission is told by the therapist at this clinic, you know, not everyone is able to stop being gay or whatever, and that's okay. they gloss over that entire part
10:32 am
of his written account of this. so i'm trying to understand if they're -- if people are trying to get all dramatic against michelle bachman because she's becoming a front runner in the gop field? it's insane. >> pete, before we go to you, cornell, i said mike wallace. mike would be upset with me. chris wallace asked the flake question to michelle bachman. i better watch myself there. i don't want mike coming after me. pete, your take? >> listen, it's not going to affect michelle bachman at all, because the people who are going to vote for her agree with the hate and venom that she and her husband spread toward gay americans. i think the question is how many closeted gay republicans are going to choose to vote for michelle bachman. the idea that home --
10:33 am
homosexuality is a choice is a joke. how much will money matter in this race? dana? >> well, money obviously money talks in politics and he's got the backing of fciu, fcio, the teachers unions. he's got a lot of money in this, which poses the question, i thought democrats were for the little guy? >> cornell? >> two things. what's wrong with that gay guy who is going to go to michelle bachman's clinic for counseling? that guy is kind of crazy. but here's the thing, 90% of the funding came from small donors under $250,000. no pack money, no lobbyist money. this is a grassroots that he built on in 2008 and continues today. >> pete? >> let's just get this story quickly. i have to go back to it now. the kid who went to michelle bachman's clinic, he brought a
10:34 am
hidden camera to prove that they try to cure people. he was trying to prove something. he's an activist. >> they would have called them anti-gay. >> cash is king on campaigns. cash is king. it's all about the benjamins. president obama takes plenty of money from very wealthy people. $30,000 here in new york. that will do it. >> ten seconds each on this one. this is going to be fun, guys. we're going retro here. let's play a little "name that tune." ♪ ♪ i must tell jesus all of my trials ♪ >> all right, herman. none other than the golden-throated presidential candidate herman cain. the album is called "sunday morning." i feel like we're all in church, kind of grooving. where will herman cain get all the votes, guys, "american idol"
10:35 am
or the campaign? >> i'm liking this. i still think he'll have more people voting for him in politics but the man has a fine voice. >> cornell, what do you think? >> he should quit both of his jobs, the presidential campaign and his singing. he should quit both jobs. >> come on, it's a groovy tune. pete? >> it all depends now on the ron paul/mitt romney duet remixing of "who let the dogs out?" we'll see where that takes those two candidates. >> i think curt franklin is calling now. he wants to cut a tune with her man cain. now, that would be something to talk about. all right, guys, always fun. thanks so much. a gay rights group has problems with a clinic we just talked about run by michelle bachman's husband. one young man who went to the clinic says he got this advice.
10:36 am
>> not acting out on my same-sex attractions and living a life of celibacy. >> that was an alternative to being gay? >> right. >> cnn's in-depth report, right after the break. plus more of my talk with dr. phil. he's actually going to weigh in. r our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
questions and controversies surrounding the christian conference center run by michelle bachman. they said the center is using controversy to convert gays. >> in her campaign for president, michelle bachman touts her background as a small business owner. >> as a mom, a taxpayer and now a small business owner -- >> that business is bachman and associates, a clinic run by her husband marcus. they are both pictured on the
10:40 am
clinic's web site. they he been courage gay and lesbian patients to change their sexual orientation, a practice that is frowned upon by mental health experts. andrew turned to them to talk about his own homosexuality. he was immediately skeptical of what one of the therapists told them. >> it would help me to turn from homosexual to straight. >> he basically said if you did this, you wouldn't be gay anymore. >> if i did this and worked their therapy program, that could perform a miracle and i would no longer be gay. >> he was told to pray and read bible pass ages.
10:41 am
he would also be counseled. and if that didn't work, what? >> he said not to act out on my impulses and have a life of celibacy. >> after that, he told his mother he wanted to stop. >> i could hear his voice quiver, and i just said, you know, if you're good with being gay, then i am, too. >> the american psychological association is sharply critical of what's known in the health care community as repairitive therapy, saying there is insufficient evidence to support the use of psychological interventions to change sexual orientation. but in a talk interview last year, mark bachmann compared them to bar bear yaaear yanns, t be gay. >> what do you say to your
10:42 am
teenager if she says she's gay? what do you say to christian patients? >> i think you clearly say what is the pding of god's word on homosexuality. and i think that a child or pre-adolescent particularly adolescent will question and wonder. certainly, there is that curiosity. it is as if we need to understand barbarians need to be educated. they need to be disciplined and just because someone thinks it or feels it doesn't mean we're supposed to go down that road. >> back in 2006, he denied his practice was in repairitive therapy. he denied it saying, if someone is interested in talking to us about their homosexuality, we are open to talking about that. but if someone comes in a ho
10:43 am
homosexual and they want to stay homosexual, we talk about that. they released their own home camera video who posed as a patient at bachmann and associates. >> in the full five seconds of footage captured by truth wins o out. while he says homosexuality can be treated at the clinic, he also concedes he's not an expert on the subject. michelle bachmann has a controversial list of views on homosexuality. she once compared them to b
10:44 am
bigamists. >> if we allow this to happen, group marriage, polygamy and things much worse may not be far behind. >> her campaign released a statement to cnn that says, the bachmanns are in no position ethically, legally or morally to discuss specific treatment to their patients. they tried to ask bachmann whether her family engages in repairitive therapy, she dodged the question. >> is it something that is conducted at that center? >> i'm running for president of the united states, and i'm here today to talk about job creation, and also the fact that we do have a business that deals with job creation. we are very proud of the business we created. >> the latest polls show michelle bachmann has a serious shot at winning the iowa caucuses where social conservatives will be a decisive factor and just might consider the bachmann counseling center a
10:45 am
potent physical asset. if you watch dr. phil, you probably know he has a phd in psychology. i was talking to him earlier this morning, he's talking on the hill today talking about domestic violence. i actually asked him to weigh in on this gay to straight counseling. >> if that is the case, i would hope this campaign would be a stimulus to revisit that. i think there is so much information out there that repairitive therapy, as it's called, is anything but therapeutic and can, in fact, be very stress inducing and real difficult, particular formal a young gay or lesbian individual, or even a questioning youth. so i certainly hope that if that is the case and that is what they're doing that they'll revisit that at this point. >> what kind of damage do you feel programs like repairitive therapy, these gay to straight counseling programs, ministries, do to young people?
10:46 am
>> well, you know, i think those that advance that kind of approach in dealing with someone that is gay or lesbian is ignoring so much of the scientific evidence that we have to acknowledge, and to ask somebody to make a choice where a choice is simply not an option can create a whole lot of problems for that person. it would be like asking that person to get taller. that's just not something that they have the ability to do. and i think that as a result, you can come away with a lot of frustration, a lot of guilt and a lot of sense that they're doing something wrong. and i think that sends a terrible message to these young people. >> straight ahead, one more win and they're in. the u.s. women's world cup team getting ready for a noontime showdown. we're going to take you live to new york where soccer fans are tearing up the bars with excitement already.
10:47 am
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. world cup soccer, the u.s. women's team faces off in france in less than 90 minutes. on the line? the chance to play for the championship. our big sports fan richard roth joining us live from new york talking to all the people getting fired up for today's match. hi, richard. >> hi, keira. yes, it's the big match and with me are two women who played soccer at the university level. ma'am, let me ask you, what's your thinking as this game occurs? is there going to be a mental falloff after the big win? >> i don't think so. i think they're going to perform up to the level they've been performing to so far.
10:50 am
it's going to be a great game. >> how good was that last match with the rally and the last-minute goal? >> that was so stressful but it was absolutely amazing that wambach finished that goal and it just speaks to america's resilience. >> here's susan that shows -- she wasn't in that match but you got that injury when? >> i got that injury saturday playing soccer. >> is that because you put more enthusiasm in following the u.s. match against brazil? >> actually, it was the day before the match, but i went in to score the goal just like abby wambac did, and i scored it. >> one word for this match? >> it will be exciting and tough. >> they'll be watching it in a local establishment. keira, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. we'll be following the excitement. now the metrodome roof in minneapolis has been reinflated. it collapsed under the enormous weight of tons of snow last december. the repairs cost $2200.
10:51 am
surprise, surprise, the bridge is called the can opener. a driver said he just couldn't see the low clearance sign in the heavy rain. after the triple meltdown of the fukushima plant, the focus is keeping nuclear rods cool in case of a blackout. the race for white house cash. president obama takes a big lead. we've got the new fund raising totals. we inspect your air filter, cabin filter.
10:52 am
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betty ford funeral procession for first lady betty ford, palm desert, california.
10:54 am
and there's a welcoming ceremony at 5:15 eastern in grand rapids, michigan and a prayer service that follows that. president obama will meet for deficit talks. sister wives will soon be involved in another real-life drama. cody brown and his four wives are suing to overturn utah's anti h anti-polygamy statute. we'll ask our legal adviser if this means polygamy could soon be legal. they're saying parents could lose custody of their kids if their children become dangerously overweight. that story ahead. president obama takes in more than $86 million, breaking a fundraising record. we'll talk about that in our political ticker right after the break. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
10:55 am
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patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. mark preston, our president raising a lot of fundraising cash. >> $86 million in just five days. i don't think they're going to scare him off, but they sure have some earth-shattering numbers.
10:58 am
$86 million in 95 days. that's very significant, keira. the obama campaign can keep going back to these people and asking them to give money. just a comparison very quickly. $35 million combined has been raised by the republican candidates up to this point. keira? >> all right. what's going on with newt gingrich and mitch mcconnell. getting into it. >> newt gingrich talks a little bit about shutting down the government. he had that big fight with president clinton back in the '90s. newt gingrich is very critical of mitch mcconnell's plan of trying to divert this whole debt crisis. in fact, he tweeted yesterday that the mcconnell plan is contrary to big deficits and overspending. what's the mcconnell plan? basically it's a plan that would allow president obama to raise the debt limit in three
10:59 am
different increments but all of the responsibility would be placed on the president for doing so and not on congressional republicans. that's a very big issue as we're heading into the 2012 election. the problem is for mitch mcconnell, there are a lot of conservatives who don't like the idea and they think advocates would just be responding to the idea. problem is, newt gingrich isn't on capitol hill, mitch mcconnell is. herman cain, did you hear his gospel cd tucked away for more than ten years, comes out on the internet? the guy has some talent. >> he does. he's got some pipes. i tell you what, really nice guy as well. but look at this, presidential candidate, successful businessman and an entertainer. he might have it all when it comes to the republican nomination. >> the next "american idol." mark preston, thanks so much. we'll have your next political update in about

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